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  Expanded PTFE Membrane Filter bag  
  PTFE membrane for PTFE membrane filter bag  

The expanded PTFE membrane is laminated to a suitable support media to change characteristics of the conventional depth filtration media into a nearly perfect surface filtration media. The surface filtration properties allow the collection of much finer dust and also facilitate an easier and more complete dust cake release from the PTFE membrane surface. The filter efficiency can be as high as 99.99-99.9995%.

Some of the operating benefits of expanded PTFE membrane filter are:

Near zero emission and higher product recovery
Higher air to cloth ratio permits the design of smaller size bag house.
Exceptional cake release which allows higher air-flow and reduce pressure drop, which results in energy saving.
Requires lesser energy to keep the filter bag clean, less wear & tear of filter bags results in longer bag life which eliminate excessive down time
High Temperature
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Expanded PTFE Membrane Filter bag
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