Manufacturer, exporter of fiber glass products including fiber glass filter bag, fiberglass filter fabrics, filter bags, woven filter bags, non woven filter bags, PTFE membrane filter bag for boiler bag house, cement industry, carbon black, pollution control equipment from India.
  Group Profile  
  The Sanghvi group of companies commands respect in markets around the world, for its consistent quality.

The group is a multifaceted, multi-product, multi-talented industrial hexagon, comprising:

Sanghvi Products manufactures PTFE thread sealant tapes and exports under UL listing. Offers a total spectrum of non-asbestos braided/compression  packing  made from material  like PTFE, aramid, graphite, carbon and other high tensile fibre.


Flu-Tef Industries an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that manufactures high quality speciality PTFE insulated equipment wires, multicore cables, RF co-axial cables, data bus cables and PTFE sleeves.


Sanghvi Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2000 certified company that manufactures aerospace wires & cables in polyimide (Kapton®), PTFE + Polyimide composite and speciality insulation. It has widespread clientele spanning satellite, aircraft, helicopter and defence electronics. Awarded for excellence in aerospace indegenization.

SPC   Products   an   ISO  9001:2000   certified   company  that manufactures bare copper, silver/nickel/tin electro-plated copper /copper-coated steel wire conductors in single, strand and braid forms.
Sanghvi Techno Products manufactures PTFE extruded rods & tubes, compress moulded rods, bushes, sheets, skived sheets & machined components as per customer's specification / drawing / in all filled grades.

These companies are vertically and horizontally integrated backward and forward, enabling the group to function as an industrial power house. What is more, it has enabled a distinct quality culture to evolve within the group. This quality consciousness encompasses all facets of their activities.

The various companies of the Sanghvi group presents a highly impressive product-mix, catering to a wide range of industries from mid-tech industries to high-tech industries to industries that employs extremely advanced technologies.
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